Stay Ready: So you don't need to get ready

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The threat landscape seems to be moving at such an accelerated pace these days. The constantly moving targets and ever-expanding threat landscape is a reality that we as leaders need to not only deal with but find ways to get out ahead of.

Today and from our time in the field, we want to impart some practical ways that we have seen work to help organisations "stay ready so they don’t have to get ready" and take a more proactive approach to dealing with Cyber Security and Operational Management / Risk issues day to day.
  • Full Episode time: 38 minutes
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 Sense of importance and urgency to the challenge

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Make things as easy and visible as possible

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Patch Management compliance  jumping from 80% to 99% with Tanium

Meet the PANEL

Peter Soulsby, APJ-MEA Security Leader, DXC Technology

Peter is responsible for DXC’s Security business including cyber defence, digital identity, secured infrastructure and security risk management.

Peter has a background in cybersecurity, digital transformation and financial management, combined with a proven track record and a passion for building and leading high-performing teams and profitable businesses. Peter is well regarded in the Australian cybersecurity industry. This is evidenced by the key roles he has played in establishing Australia’s top Intern Program, sponsoring DXC as a founding member of the CI-ISAC, and being featured on many podcasts and thought leadership webinars.

Peter has previously spent three years as the Director of NTT’s Cybersecurity business in Victoria, Australia, and 7 years with Dimension Data’s MEA business in various leadership and financial positions.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Erik Gaston, VP Global Executive Engagement

Erik Gaston is a CIO, VP of Global Executive Engagement at Tanium. He's spent most of his career as a CIO/CTO, leading large global organizations on Wall Street and in the tech and SaaS space.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Chris Cruz
CIO, Public Sector

Chris Cruz is Tanium’s Chief Information Officer, Public Sector. A recognized executive leader, he helps organizations transform their cybersecurity strategy and practices.
Patrick Jones - Course author


The endpoint environment has transformed. Point tools are failing to deliver visibility required to manage and secure hybrid workforces. It’s time for a different approach.

Tanium’s converged endpoint management (XEM) platform, first of its kind solution, consolidates tools, connects IT workflows and unites operations and security teams with real-time data and immediate endpoint control at scale from a single pane of glass.

Explore Tanium resources below or visit learn more 

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The Essential Eight

How the Tanium Platform can assist with the implementation of the  Essential Eight recommendations.

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Back to the Basics

Explores the timeless processes and essential tools that equip organisations to deal with the widening attack surface 

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What you don’t know can hurt you

Managing risks begins with measuring risks. But how do you measure risks accurately?
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Key to regulatory compliance and sensitive data asset security 

Most regulatory acts require that owners of sensitive data must always know where the data is currently stored, what state it’s in, and how well protected it is. 
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Cybersecurity plan of action

Examines recent notable cybersecurity incidents, some of which made headlines and caused significant damage to the victim organizations
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The future of endpoint management

This report describes four primary endpoint management trends around self-healing, security convergence, experience analysis, and privacy protection and offers guidance for IT pros to manage these trends.
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Confronting the largest attack surface ever with Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

Do you ever wonder why this high-priority problem is getting more money and attention than ever, and yet the problem is only getting worse?