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Automated Patch Management

Patch management of the future is automated, fire-and-forget, and risk-based. You can achieve this vision of tomorrow, today!
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We Are Kaseya

Providing you with best-in-breed technologies that allow you to efficiently manage, secure and backup IT under a single pane of glass.
Technology is the backbone of all modern business. Small to mid-size businesses deserve powerful security and IT management tools that are efficient, cost-effective, and secure. Enter Kaseya. We exist to help multi-function IT professionals get the most out of their IT tool stack.
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Keanan Ball

Keanan Ball is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kaseya. He loves waking up every day to tell small businesses about how automation that will make their lives better. Keanan has led over 30 successful launches for startups and publicly traded companies alike. When not working on product launches you can find Keanan cracking dad jokes, hiking the backwoods of British Columbia, or hanging with his two Sphynx cats. 
Patrick Jones - Course author